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What is Authentic Tantra® Yoni Massage?
"Yoni" is the Sanskrit word for the vulva and means "sacred space." 
In Authentic Tantra®, we approach the yoni as a sacred part of the body that is worthy of our attention through sensual, healing massage techniques that can be performed alone or with a partner.  The practice is not intended as simply a form of foreplay, but as a means of deepening connection and intimacy with the self or a partner.  It also serves as a somatic approach to healing traumas, releasing stress and congested energy in the pelvis and for expanding orgasmic pleasure.  Because it is as much a spiritual practice as a pleasure practice, breathing, awareness, communication and other techniques are used during Authentic Tantra® Yoni Massage. 
If you desire: 
  • To finally become orgasmic, if that experience has previously eluded you
  • ​More intense, longer lasting and consistent orgasms
  • Deeper connection to your body and your own pleasure
  • ​Deeper connection to your partner
  • ​Relief and ​healing from the effects of physical or emotional trauma
  • ​Restore pelvic and vaginal sensation
  • ​To access over ELEVEN different types of orgasm
  • ​Healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • ​To restore lost or diminished libido and passion
  • ​To create sacred space in your inner and outer environments to maximize your pleasure
  • ​To activate your sexual organs and arousal without physical touch
...Then the Authentic Tantra self Yoni Massage techniques you will learn in this workshop are designed especially for you!
If you desire to give your partner:
  •  ALL of the above, PLUS you want to learn how to:
  • ​​Experience deeper passion and intimacy with your partner before, during and after lovemaking
  •  Understand your partner's body and desires on a level that neither of you thought was possible
  • ​Give the gift of allowing your partner to receive fully
  • ​Communicate sexual needs, wants and desires with your partner
  • ​Create a safe space to bring your partner healing, restoration of sensation and relief from the effects of trauma
  • ​A slow, sensual and mindful approach that may aid in her reconnection with her body and with you
  • ​Cultivate deepened trust between you and your partner as you learn how to "listen" to her body  
...Then the Authentic Tantra® partner Yoni Massage techniques you will learn in this workshop are designed especially for you and your partner!
By the end of this workshop you will learn:
  • Over 20 specific Authentic Tantra® Yoni Massage hand movements demonstrated on anatomical models
  • ​How to expand your or your partner's orgasmic potential through Tantric Yoni Massage
  • How to use Authentic Tantra® Yoni Massage to dissolve blocks to the orgasmic bliss you or your partner desires and deserves
  • ​How to use the breath, meditation and visualization to energize your pelvic region and cultivate Fire Energy to ignite your or your partner's full orgasmic potential
  • Learn Authentic Tantra® Yoni Massage ​techniques to bring greater health to you or your partner's reproductive organs
  • ​Through Tantric Yoni Massage techniques, discover the beauty and wonder of you or your partner's WHOLE body, especially the reproductive and sexual anatomy
  • ​Learn how to use Yoni Massage for healing and pleasure as medicine for the body, mind and soul!

Your Teachers

About Us

Brion and Karen Craig are passionate about helping men, women and couples rediscover their power, authenticity and capacity for deep connection, intimacy and love.  

Karen Craig, B.A., B.Msc., J.D., devoted her professional career to the legal field, first as a federal trial attorney and then for over 22 years as a Judge for the Federal government. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science, along with a Juris Doctor (law) degree. Karen earned a second bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science and is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Holistic Counseling, with a second concentration in Relationship Dynamics. Following completion of over 500 hours of instruction, she received her Certification in Authentic Tantra® from the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education (IATE), the only government accredited institution for Tantra education in the world.  She is now on the teaching staff of IATE as a Tantra Mastery instructor.

Brion Craig B.Msc., devoted his professional career to the lT field and has owned and operated his own IT Firm for over 25 years. Brion holds a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science and is currently working toward his Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Transpersonal Counseling. He also completed over 500 hours of training in Authentic Tantra® from the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education and is a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner and Educator.

In addition to holding Certifications as Authentic Tantra Educators and Practitioners, they are both Certified Sexologists and Certified Metaphysical Practitioners. They have also received trauma treatment training from the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, among other forms of training. They utilize an array of modalities based on ancient wisdom and practices, combined with cutting edge approaches, to guide individuals and couples on their journey to experiencing wholeness and pleasure in all areas of life.

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